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Jun '09

Feeling So Proud.

Today’s adventure is a trip to Santa Cruz for Santa Cruz Gay Pride. It’s funny that last summer on a mileage run I ended up at Arcata’s Gay Pride — not that I planned for it, I just happened to hit the right weekend.

Left the house at 10, got to pride around noon with all the stops:

  • Noah’s Bagels for breakfast take-out
  • Starbucks for coffee
  • Picked up Goat

Goat is a wonderful 72-year-old faerie with 3 Rolls Royces [36, 56, and 72] and a Maserati under tarps in the driveway. Plus the pickup truck, a Volvo, and a collection of harpsichords, pipe organs, coocoo clocks. Some day I’d like a tour of all the toys.

There is something nice about Gay Pride celebrations in smaller towns — they seem less corporate sponsor driven — much less “Sponsored by Bud Lite!” “Sponsored by Absolute Vodka!” Thanks Lunetta for pointing that out.

Here is the photo shoot of Gay Pride — emphasis (mine) on the pretty boys:

There are two short video in there. One at pride and the other a short clip that starts with a shot of Goat and then pans around the pool party that started at 3pm.

And what a pool party it was. Clothing optional. Potluck that actually had a good mix of food and booze. Water slide into the pool. Space in shade and sun. And what really amazed me was that half of the cute boys I’d taken pictures of earlier showed up — though the percentage of them going “optional” was about 25%.

Basically I spent form 3-7pm getting an all around tan while removing a lot of water coming off the water slide full speed butt first. And no, there isn’t video of that.

Left Santa Cruz and headed north up Highway 1 (past Bonny Doon Road for those winos in the crowd, though their tasting room has moved into the city) to Half Moon Bay. A gorgeous day for a coastal drive.

Home at 9 in time to file the daily blog report, pour myself another scotch, and maybe have a little ahi tuna poke for a snack.

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