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Jun '09

Not An Endorsement.

So, I found this because I clipped an article from Wired Magazine:


I couldn’t get the damn thing to embed.

And from the same article, what if your member becomes erect on passover — is that like leavened bread rising?

Lots of billable hours today. Raf was working in the yard for most of the morning — the overgrown garden is getting closer to normal.

For me, besides billable hours it was a stop at the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Nexus Urban Center at Boeing Field for finger prints, a photo (where I could smile — but not on the biographic one for air travel), and a chat with both US and Canada Customs folks. In and out in 15 minutes. Badge in the mail sometime.

Dinner was a small rack of baby back ribs (Toby will love with left over ribs — that would be Raf’s big dumb black lab).

Add some wine, start packing for Jameson’s Graduation Party, installing some more hardware in SOB (Son of Bob), and it’s an evening.


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