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Jun '09

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Another wild day… marketing meetings in the morning, packing in the early afternoon, and then headed to Jameson’s place for his graduation tomorrow.

He and Natalie live outside Olympia and they are both walking the aisle (graduation) tomorrow:

  • Jameson with a double BA/BS
  • Natalie with a Masters in Environmental Study

Way to go you two!

I arrive at their little slice of heaven about 3pm with Natalie’s mom and step-father about 3:30pm. By then I’d gotten SOB situated on the road side, ran power to it, and got the laptop cell signal booster that I installed yesterday up and running. 5 Bars! That’s an excellent signal. Too bad it’s 2G and not 3G — but it will be enough for email.

The plan is to hang out. More family arrives including Julian, Jameson’s little brother who has also done work for me. Cocktails start flowing and we settle in for an evening of conversation and BBQ chicken (I cleaned the freezer out a bit).

Too late to bed but what’s new.


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