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Jun '09

The Big Day — Graduation.

Woke up to Robert banging on the tin can that I slept in (SOB).

Thank goodness Natalie’s parents had coffee going on the picnic table outside the dining room. There are two tents set up in the yard for guests. One for Natalie’s parents, the other for her brother. Grandpa is staying in the guest room. The other heard of relatives is staying in some rented house in Shelton, half an hour down the road.

Graduation is at 1pm — so I’m a little confused why we are leaving at 11am — good thing I had a little chicken friend rice in the fridge of SOB!

Overcast skies when we got there — with time to see the garden than Natalie oversaw the planning, planting, and signage for. It’s located just off the soccer field where magic mushrooms grow in the spring. Natalie’s garden will supplement that diet with all sorts of other fruits, berries, and edible sprouts.

By the time the ceremony starts the sun is out and baking EVERYTHING on Red Square. I opted not to sit with the family and finally wandered into one of the seminar halls that had a live feed, comfortable seating, and air conditioning. And probably the best view in the house.

The speakers were all amazingly good with the exception of the faculty speaker, who frankly, just sucked. Really sucked. My informal poll of the family afterwards yielded the same thought. It meandered and then ended. Basically it could be summed up by — “Well, here is the mess you have inherited”.

With over 1100 graduates it took a while to call the names. When I saw Jameson walk the stage (video feed) I high-tailled it to where the family was sittting. The prearranged plan was to exit immediately — which we did, though I was with Julian who parked off-campus a mile away at Jameson’s silly suggestion.

More bar-b-que back at the house — didn’t realize I’d be supplying all the meat for the two nights, but I had enough (and the freezer still looks stuffed).

Big fun — and a campfire after dinner with some cute guy on guitar.

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