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Jun '09

Post Graduation Blues.

OK — so it really isn’t the Post Graduation Blues, but it sounded good so I thought I’d use it.

Up at 8:30, showered and unplugged and ready to roll at 10am. I declined to go to the tree education workshop he is putting on this morning. Something about 3 hours in a classroom with a hangover — wait. That was college!

Tried to hook up with Dwight but he was a breakfast with his mom so I just headed back to Seattle. Stopped for a snack and to see if radiator fluid was still dripping out — yes. Guess it’s time to book an appointment with my house-call-mechanic Stuart.

Kept an eye on the heat guage — it may have been dripping, but it doesn’t seem to make the guage run higher. No problems getting home.

A quick nap and then it’ off on errands — but first I need to remove the dead LCD screen I installed on Wednesday as a third TV for SOB. It worked for about an hour, and then died. I don’t like the idea of going to Fry’s on a Saturday to return it — especially the Saturday of the first day of digital TV – when I assume everyone will be in buying amplifiers, boosters, antennas, and cables.

But first buy the apartment to pick up wine and the GPS unit for SOB. The GPS unit gets connected to the DVD/Car Stereo so it will be integrated into the dash. I hope I don’t have major engine work due — it would be a bad time to be putting money into the RV.

The return at Fry’s eventually happened. Customer Service — no Auto Install has to check it out — walk around the building — No, we can’t check it out, we don’t have a DVD player back here — back to Customer Service who finally put the amount back on my VISA — but not before putting a mark-down sticker on it and re shelving the product. Word to the wise — don’t buy the Mark-Down Stickered merchandise at Fry’s. It’s DOA (dead on arrival).

Another short nap, a little work (like putting in the GPS unit — that’s how quick it went), and then off to dinner with Swanda and Wonderful (which would be Chinese across the street).

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