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Jun '09

Face Lift For SOB.

No more reports on “billable hours” — the natives (readers) are restless and complaining. Personally I think it balances the work/play ratio, but I can understand people not wanting to think about work at all.

The project for today is starting to sand SOB down to get all the faded and cracking stripping off the front and sides.


P1060533 - Share on Ovi

Front Sanded:

P1070849 - Share on Ovi

What I’d like to have it look like when all done (minus the logos):

black-itasha-22r - Share on Ovi

We will see how it comes out — I might just stop with getting it all one color.

Jeff came over around 4:30 to hang out while I cooked dinner for the both of us. A roast chicken on top of a bed of roasted red potatoes and a sampling of two reds and a dessert white. Needless to say we didn’t get through all three bottles so there will be some for my dinner tomorrow.


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