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Jun '09

13 Hours And 9,592 EQM.

I took most of today off for what most people would consider torture.

I left the house at a little before 7am headed for the airport. For once, not first class. Lose 25 minutes in the security line. Maybe I’ll check out the United pay-for-access plan (even though I was flying Alaska). Or maybe I’ll just get the 40,000 flight miles to get MVP Gold.

Hit the board room for the usual morning Red Baron (champagne and cranberry juice) and order a Cape Cod that I transfer into a paper coffee cup with lid for a “to-go-to-the-gate” cocktail. Eat two toasted bagels with cream cheese and pack another “to-go” along with two yogurts and a spoon.

Get to the gate — still no upgrade, and when they load First Class and Gold MVPs I understand why. Forty people board. There are only 16 seats in First Class. Hence, no upgrade. But the first seat in coach on the aisle so the leg room is OK.

The flight to Newark I finished this great book that my brother Jon left for me: The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight. Quickie reviews from the back cover: “The Hunter S. Thompson of Islamic Literature” and “A Manifesto for the Muslim Punk Movement”. A great read — Muslims who drink, gay Muslims, riot grrl Muslims… This book is getting passed onto a Sufi Sheik friend of mine.

Newark. 45 minutes on the ground, and no Board Room affiliate in that terminal —so what good is that — yet another complaint letter.

Back on the plane for another 5 hour plane ride in the same seat back to Seattle. The book for this leg: The English Major by Jim Harrison. Great first line in the novel: “It used to be Cliff and Vivian and now it isn’t.” The book really makes me want to do a road trip. Maybe my 35 anniversary high school reunion in August. No clue at the moment who needs a good road trip book.

Plane was packed in both directions — but here is the math on the miles. Ticket was like $380 (plus $42 for food and booze, and $21 for parking) for 9,592 Elite Qualifying Miles and another 1199 bonus miles (because I’m MVP) for a total of 10,791 — or almost half a domestic ticket — or .035 per mile and anything under .04 per mile is a steal.

All this means that I’ve got MVP for next year — actually 5,062 miles more than I need — and once the Hawaii trip in in there (which is another 5,000 or so) Imight just “Go For The Gold” and rack up another 10,000 flight miles before December 31st. I did book some time for Cabo in late October — if I went first class using the $50 companion coupon that would be about 6,000 miles (with the 50% bonus for paid first class). Something to chew on.

Home a little after ten in time to update the Great Art Party website, and keep the blog current.

[too early for me to remember to weigh]

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