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Jun '09

New News Junkie Schedule.

Thanks to Swanda and his limited channels, I’ve arranged a new “news junkie” schedule:

  • 5:00 – Nightly Business News on PBS
  • 5:30 – BBC World News
  • 6:00 – NBC Nightly News
  • 6:30 – Local news (also NBC for convenience)

Well, that’s for me. He is stuck with PBS.

Upcoming schedule:

  • Marketing meeting in the morning
  • Dinner with Jonathan tomorrow
  • Friday is dinner pre-poker in Olympia
  • Swanda for dinner Saturday
  • Sunday I rest
  • Monday Stuart comes to work on SOB and the wiring

Tonight was chicken breasts (left over from the whole chicken I did a couple of days ago) over a bed of lettuce.


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