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Jun '09

Booked A Cruise.

More progress on SOB — it is slowly becoming black.

While Raf worked on that, I was on the Eastside earning the $$$ to pay him, and to pick up supplies like superfine sand paper to do as the finish before the Turtle Wax.

For dinner it was Jonathan and the discussion of his birthday cruise — which won’t be on his birthday, but between his and mine. His original thought had been to go to Alaska and watch glacier’s calving… which we are kinda gonna do, but really it is a seven day cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco via Alaska.

Here is the itinerary:

Sun Sep 13 Vancouver, BC, Canada 5:30pm
Mon Sep 14 At Sea
Tue Sep 15 Ketchikan, AK 6:00am 2:00pm
Wed Sep 16 Juneau, AK 7:00am 1:00pm
Thu Sep 17 At Sea
Fri Sep 18 At Sea
Sat Sep 19 At Sea
Sun Sep 20 San Francisco, CA 8:00am

As for dinner, I did another roast chicken. Guess I’d better finish the soap that I started making earlier in the week so I can boil down this carcass, too.


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