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Jun '09


Or SOB Done For Now.

Man that water pump is a bear. Two full days to disassemble, pull the water pump, replace it, and reassemble. Two REALLY full days. Ouch. $100 worth of parts and $300 worth of labor. It’s a good thing that it’s the last time I’ll have to do that (considering the amount of miles that I put on the the RV).

Raf actually got done sooner than Stuart, though I need to find out if he polished the front. And I should check out what a power polisher would cost to give it a final shine.

It will be nice to not be paying two workers. Time to earn some money to make up for the outlay.

Date tonight? That would be Kevin. Not a capital D date, but a lower case d, date. Country style pork ribs in BBQ sauce baked in the convection oven, served with salad bread and wine. I know — boring.

But it was a fun evening. Wonderful stopped by to borrow the mommy van to pick up art for the Great Art Party — he should just get rid of his Korean Accent and buy the mommy van. More practical — though much worse mileage.

No confirmed dates on the horizon.


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Or SOB Done For Now.

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