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Jun '09


Round Two.

A little foggy this morning… I’ve only myself to blame. That, and the demon liquor….

If it’s Thursday it must be time for the weekly marketing meeting. Much turmoil with the Vancouver, British Columbia branch opening. Luckily not any turmoil that has to do with me.

Filed under the category of when it rains it pours — have a date tonight for dinner at my place with blind date number two, and finally heard from blind date number one three days after emailing. At least he had a good excuse that involved stitches.

The difference between the two of them is striking. One built like a brick shit-house with guppy tendancies  and the other skinny with lots of tattoos. The only common part is their age, 32 and 30. Damn those Libra tendencies in me. Both sides of the scale.

Stay tuned for “PG” rated details of our dinner of steak, roasted potatoes and salad — hey isn’t that what I made for the other date dinner?

And an update on my bitchy letter to Holland America about sub-par performance on my Alaska cruise in May. $200 On-board Credit for my next cruise. Hopefully it’s all on my Mariner number and not split between mine and Ross’ number. I bitched, I should get the benefit. Combine that with the shareholder’s benefit of $50-$200 credit I might actually take some land excursions.


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Round Two.

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