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Jun '09

I Lead A Blessed Life.

It is somehow calming to say “I lead a blessed life.” It conjures up angels riding on high above me — would that it were the case. I have no idea what I did in a previous life/existence to enjoy the fruits of this one, but I am truly blessed. I count the uncountable, friends, family, border crossings, dinners, flowers, views from condominiums, hell — that’s just today.

I write this sitting at the granite counter of a two bedroom condo in downtown Vancouver, BC. This might be my second favorite WorldMark property after Victoria, but it’s definitely a different vibe. The traffic noise is like the surf impeding and receding. Just add sirens.

Sunburnt the crap out of myself driving top down from Seattle to Vancouver. Supposed 50 minute wait at the truck crossing where the duty-free store is (35 at the Peace Arch) — but with the Nexus card it is clear sailing to Duty Free — and just ten minutes waiting for duty free people to clear out of the Nexus line to sail through with a “You are good to go”. Fifty minutes turns into a liter of vodka and ten minutes — and the liter of vodka was $4.95 with my $10 off coupon from previous purchases.

I was reminded tonight of he “oh woh is me” slant of many of my posts — hence the reflection and the report that there are only five more cases of “beer to go good” — something I had failed to report on. Doesn’t have much to do with good or bad, just neglected. I need to make the time to finish that project and return the equipment.

But enough of my depressing drivel, we have tonight’s video (I’m saving the room tour for tomorrow, and I think it’s good — filmed at sunset)….

Nathan, one of tonight’s guests for dinner, shared his latest (and best in my mind) video that is out on YouTube… and it does feature him in pigtails…

Wild, isn’t it. Check out the other videos on his channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/anglomangler

And now it’s time for bed.

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