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Jun '09

Best $50 I Ever Spent.

So — the best $50 that I ever spent… on the Nexus card.

The reader board coming into Canada was 35 and 50 minutes (Peace Arch and Truck Crossing) and coming back it was 60 minutes and 90 minutes (same parameters). So — I saved somewhere between 95 and 140 minutes getting over the border this trip since each way it was 5-10 minutes max (so that would really be between an hour and a half and two hours). Sunday in, Tuesday out.

Once again it was easier to get into Canada than into the US — and the border guard at the US did the usual, where is your front plate. At least this time I had an answer.

In the trunk waiting for me to install the license plate frame that I bought at the Vancouver Jaguar dealer what was on back-order for 6 months in the US.

All true except for the back order. But at least now (in the evening) it’s on the car. One less hassle.

No word from Date Number One. Date Number Two probably won’t be a boyfriend relationship, but might turn into an interesting friendship.

Guess my horrorscope from Vancouver was correct:

Image: A tiny uncharted island in a raging sea. Message: Finding solid ground. Recent family or romantic disputes provide valuable insights and wisdom. Watch for loved ones to openly discuss past comments or events. Some Librans, especially those born in September [me], may begin a series of exciting short-term love affairs. Stay focused.

Tonight I focused on a beef tenderloin over a bed of lettuce. That and texting Date Number Two and clearing some air. It was good.

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