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Jul '09

I’m A PC.

For Better Or Worse.

Nothing like spending all day reformatting one computer and updating another one.

July 1st spelled the end for Windows7 on my main machine. Back to Vista, but the only way to do it was with a clean install. On the upside, at least now Internet Explorer works again. On the downside, my disc was so old it took an initial round of a whopping 82 updates, then a reboot, then a few more.

I still have to get the other mail accounts up and running on that machine, though it did remember my Shirts of Bamboo account info — just need to add Events and Adventures and my Gmail account. I also need to get the Adobe Creative Suite reinstalled as well, but Office is running, though not Expressions/Front Page. More work to do.

Speaking of Shirts of Bamboo — click on the link to the right to get their going out of business sale items. After four years it’s either that or personal bankruptcy. R.I.P.

Not much on the social agenda — seems like dating time is over. Damned horrorscopes.

Dinner in front of the telly — strips of chicken breast over the last of the greens. Now if I could stop having that sandwich at the end of the day.

No photos, no video for today.


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For Better Or Worse.

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