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Jul '09

Must Be Exhausted.

I must be exhausted.

I got back from the marketing meeting and errands and immediately laid down and totally zonked out for an hour. My guess is that I was snoring up a storm. Don’t know what is was, but I needed that down time.

Luckily I didn’t have to worry about dinner this evening — Jimmy is cooking! And what a dinner it was. Appetizers of clams in a butter sauce, the first artichoke from Jimmy’s garden, stinky cheese and crackers, salad (also from his garden), and a little marinated pork tenderloin. Add two bottles of red, and Suzanne, and you have a fabulous dinner.

And for me, an early evening into bed to recharge some further. Maybe it’s just the hot weather that’s taking it out of me.

Short and sweet today.


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