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Jul '09

SOB Coming Along.

Well, changes keep happening to Son of Bob otherwise known as SOB.

Today silver stripping got add to one of the sides — with the other side to come later this week.

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I think it adds a little interest to the side. Breaks up the mass of black paint. An additional monitor shows up at Swanda’s on Wednesday that I found for $80 including shipping. Hopefully this one will work better than the $105 one from Fry’s that arrived Fried.

Work was work.

Dinner was a repeated of last night.



2 Responses to “SOB Coming Along.”

  1. Curt Says:

    I love the 3-rail striping instead of just one. Now, what about an accent along the bottom of some sort…also silver. Perhaps even one…only one…window frame in silver, such as the leading edge driver/passenger frames? As you stand next to SOB, one gets the sense of a wall of black, and any accents that break up that immensity would not compromise the solid, dark feel of the overall paintjob.

    — CP, design review dept.

  2. Swanda Says:

    No, no…wait a minute I got it, you need a fun “SOB” made to put on the front and then in smaller text “Son of Bob” and really mess with people when you drive around, plus what a fun break on the front. It looks very CIA right now.