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Jul '09

I’m A PC.

Part Forty-Two.

After a truly crappy night sleep — it was the marketing meeting after a quick steak and eggs breakfast. Thank the gods I had done my meeting notes yesterday. At least I was prepared for the meeting.

A minor 15 minute nap before heading to Jimmie’s place for round two of getting his new computer up and running…. a think there is a round three coming, hopefully I’ll get Graf to do round three, or technically it would be round four since I forgot the Saundi round. Oy.

At least I got a wonderful dinner of tamale pie, tacos, salad and serveral different Domain Dendoins wines. Looking forward to having a couple of days this weekend off the grid at Lake Cushman. Well, off the gird with a BBQ and a three bedroom in-holding inside Olympic National Park.


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Part Forty-Two.

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