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Jul '09

On The Way To The Lake.

Work in the morning, then heading out to the Lake mid-day.

Lake? What Lake? Lake Cushman. Property of Tacoma Power and Light, and most of the property around it is on 99 year leases — not unlike what Duke Power does in North Carolina around it’s reservoirs. I understand a public utility doing this, I’m not so sure about Duke Energy as it’s now known. I only know about it because my father owns (or did) stock in Duke, and I have an old friend who I believe still lives on Duke Shoreline.

So, Lake Cushman. It’s an off the grid cabin, if you can call a 3-bedroom, 2-bath double a-frame a “cabin”.

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Yeah, that’s a little lakefront cabin. Use my mommy-van as a gauge to size.

Tonight’s dinner is pork chops on the grill, spinach salad, a couple of bottles of wine, and mosquitoes everywhere.


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