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Jul '09

Sunny Day At The Lake.

Wow — a glorious day in the Northwest. Sun, sun, sun!

A bit of  a chore getting the cabin in working order. Never let a straight man and his high-maintenance girlfriend shut down a cabin.

Dust bunnies were the minor flaw. Closed (and rotting) fridge, previous linens not pulled, gas cans not filled, boat covers not weighted down (or the boat tied two ways)…. man am I glad I don’t own a vacation property. Many, many lists of things to open/close the place.

So — here is a great shot of us on the porch:

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So — the framing of the shot isn’t the best, but it was the self timer on the picnic table. All of our meals were “al fresco” on the covered deck.

What I didn’t know when I signed up for this adventure was that this year there is a ski-boat for use at Cushman. Now we can check out all the folks at the diving rock! We went out in the morning for a cruise to the rock, and found that we were lacking one major component of a ski boat — a ski rope.

Back to the cabin for lunch and a run to the marina for a ski-rope (in reverse order of that). I had a nap while they went for the rope.

Late afternoon we are back on the water — and after a brief run by “the rock” to look at the boys, it’s time to ski.

Or not. Here is the first attempt for Ross to get up on the water skis:

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It didn’t go well. This shot was actually after he was in the water for 15 minutes after “pulling something”. Yes, this is why you should ALWAYS wear a ski vest when water skiing — YOU FLOAT, and the cold water feels good when you hurt something.

Actually, the shot above was taken when we got back to the dock and I grabbed a blanket for him to keep off the wind as he tried to relax enough to actually get off the boat. Ouch, ouch, ouch. And I brought him scotch as well.

Dinner tonight was steak, asparagus, salad (which we didn’t even touch), wine — and Ross was not long for the evening. It might have been the pain, the scotch, the painkillers, us.

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