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Jul '09

And The Diagnosis Is….

Ross survived the night!

After another lovely breakfast (thanks Rich!) we have accelerated our schedule for leaving the lake. Basically, as soon as we can get it together.

That turns out to be a litle before noon after we clean the refrigerator (no thanks to Michael Neil), get all the recycling in the cars, pull all the sheets for laundry, all the stuff you need to do when you have a vacation house.

Here are the photos from the weekend:

And here is the report about the injuries….

“Two days of fun, two weeks of bed rest with painkillers and a note from the doctor” for Ross. We spent a chunk of the afternoon at the Urgent Care center for Group Health Olympia. Good service by the way.

Sunday weekend traffic snarls all the way home even rejoining the freeway at the Nisqually Delta….

A sandwich and some wine for dinner, and, of course, some blog work.

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