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Jul '09

Stunning Customer Service.

Happy Monday All.

One of the pieces of email in my inbox today was a request to complete an online survey from my insurance company, Farmer’s Insurance. I still haven’t taken the survey, but it did remind me to finally call the claim center to get the windshield on the mommy van replaced.

Here is where we get into stunning customer service. I called at 2:30pm. By 3:30 I had four different emails (two from Farmer’s and two from SafeLite) and a technician at my front door with a new front window for the van. The reason for four emails was that I was also getting a chip in the Jag’s windshield fixed as well. That technician showed up at 5:30 with apologies for running late — and both called to say they were on their way.

Same day service — had I known I would have done this month’s ago. I figured it was going to be like the last time — a three week wait while they found glass. Instead, the Farmer’s rep had access to SafeLite database of what they had in stock and got someone out almost instantly.

I did gain one thing by waiting — my deductible for glass went from $200 to $120 when I added the Jag in January.

So, if you need a good Farmer’s agent, contact John Bledsoe at jbledsoe1@farmersagent.com or (888) 644-6674. He and his partner are Portland-based by licensed to insure people in both Washington and Oregon.


How nice to be able to continue working while getting my glass done. Oh, and they were able to remove and remount my Good To Go pass!

The day finished with a lovely BBQ dinner with Jonathan. Something like five pounds of pork… and for once a little of it was left over.



2 Responses to “Stunning Customer Service.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    WOWZERS! Customer Service this day in age, who would have thunk it!?! See you tonight.

  2. Eric Gowins Says:

    I know you pretty well (not that way!) and you are NO farmer.