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Jul '09

Neck Is Killing Me.

My neck. Ouch. Symptom = Pain. Reason = too much time at the keyboard.

To get away from the keyboard I ran errands.

  • Costco for pills and to check out cheap gas BBQ’s for the Cushman place
  • Arvey’s for printer paper — ended up with other stuff off the bargain rack
  • Office Max for more cards for BBHa who is working on a documentary film (www.bigjoy.org)
  • Sears to see if they might have a scratch and dent one upstairs (forgot to check their scratch and dent store!) That worked. $132.93 down from $199 — and it was already assembled, but never used. Good thing I had the van.
  • Art opening for Kristina Hagman (link the left hand column) that I tried to go to but got frustrated with parking and traffic downtown so came home and had a cocktail.

Josh was supposed to come over and pick up jars, but he was beat so that’s Thursday or Friday now. That just left me eating a steak and salad dinner. Yum.

And tomorrow is another day.


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One Response to “Neck Is Killing Me.”

  1. blue toad Says:

    Probably not too much time-more likely too much time in the wrong desk and chair configuration. I have to have a much lower chair than most people, you have to try several setups to find the best “fit.” The actual chair makes a difference. Really needs to be designed for computer work, with losts of ways to adjust.