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Jul '09

Dinner Party Season.

Yeah, Like That’s Anything New.

An update to yesterdays post…. which I wrote in the afternoon before things changed, as they are want to do.

Dinner turned out to be steaks, salad and roasted potatoes with Jill who needed a little cheering up (and a lot of scotch) having been laid off from her job yesterday morning. Having someone else cook for you is good for the soul.

Tons of back to back errands today:

  • return the still to Jacob in Ballard along with several cases of the bad beer so he can play
  • get the van washed now that the window glass has “set”
  • groceries at Safeway for dinner tonight
  • Jimmies for computer issues with Graf — still having problems even with both of us there
  • home to start the bread for the evening

So, tonight’s meal with with Debbie, someone I went to high school with 35 years ago (though it marvels me to say 35 year, can’t really believe it). She had a friend she was visiting drop her and her granddaughter Angelica who she is raising since her daughter died. I scored a hit with Angelica when I mentioned the possibility of Wii Bowling after dinner (whipped her butt).

Salmon on the grill with a basil mustard glaze. Roasted red and white potatoes. Big loaf of challah which I sent home with them. A nice bottle of red (yeah, I know, white with fish). All out on the deck as the house was hot as hell.

The funny thing about her visit is that it might be called the Homo Tour of the Northwest. Her friend that she was visiting is a partnered gay woman who was quite charming when she picked them up at the end of the evening and stayed to chat for a bit.

A lovely evening that then expanded when Wonderful showed up with a USB memory stick of photos to upload for the Great Art Party website, and before I knew it I was down the street at the neighbors drinking wine and having berry pie. Needless to say I slept like a rock.


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Yeah, Like That’s Anything New.

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