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Jul '09

Not The Day I Had Scheduled.

OK. 4am is WAY too late to go to bed.

I popped awake at my usual 8am — and cursed. I do need more than 4 hours of sleep. I got a restless two more hours. And no nap, either.

Thank goodness my dinner date and I had a “malfunction”. Last night is was PezPunko bowing out, tonight it is me crapping out. No energy for anything other than a little stir fry chicken on salad with a side of leftover roasted potatoes.

When is the last time you heard of me being glad for no dinner company.

The update on our hiker:

  • found 500 feet down a ravine
  • alive, but with MANY twisted, sprung, broken things
  • but alive, a miracle judging from the terrain I saw at the trail head

So, that’s my weird day. And it will probably get weirder with the marketing meeting in the morning that I’m not prepared for, unless you consider several half completed projects progress.

I really need to go to bed.


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One Response to “Not The Day I Had Scheduled.”

  1. Curt Says:

    Wow! You’ve had “one of those weeks” and it’s only Tuesday morning!