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Jul '09

Random Quotes.

And More Dinner Guests.

First the random quotes.

From this month’s Wired Magazine:

Caloplaca obamae

n.A lichen found in California’s Channel Islands, it’s the first species named for Barack Obama. Bush an dCheney have been commemorated taxonomically — the the scientific names for slime-mold beetles.

And from Adam’s (one of the dinner guests) cellphone:

Hey baby, wanna come over to MySpace so I can Twitter your Yahoo until I Google all over your Facebook?

Speaking of dinner. Guests were Jonathan and Adam who gave up lesbian bowling for steaks and Wii bowling. It was an impromptu meal made from whatever was in the fridge.

After dinner was Strip Wii Bowling. Who ever bowls the best during a frame loses a piece of clothing. If two people bowl the same number of pins, the neither removes any clothes. I won, or is that I lost?


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One Response to “Random Quotes.

And More Dinner Guests.”

  1. Curt Says:

    Oh, deary…..I’ll teach you the art of “throwing the game,” which may be employed whenever the penalty for losing involves seeing the winner’s nasty bits. Apparently your Wii friends were hot to see your full manhood and implemented the strategy, called, again … say it with me … “throwing the game.” No doubt they left pleased!