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Jul '09

Hawaii, Here I Come!

Well, tomorrow there I go. Waikiki for three nights oceanfront. Doesn’t look like there will be any First Class upgrade for Jill or I. Oh well. Can’t win them all. Don’t worry, I’ll post some pictures.

Today was filled with work, errands, SOB testing — yes, it looks like the fix worked! I took him over to Jimmies for a little computer work which meant up hills, down hills, stuck in traffic on hills. Still haven’t had the time to install the third monitor over the sink, but either next week or at the lake the following weekend. Need to make sure it works soon, or send it back to Amazon.

And the hecticness continued with packing for the trip, getting a little dinner in me, getting garbage and recycling outside, meeting up with John Weber, and finally heading off to a 9;30pm date.

Up early in the morning, but I can sleep on the plane.


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