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Jul '09

Hawaii, Here I Am.

What a day. Add three hours to your typical day to account for the time change.

6:45am Jill is in front of the house for the run to the airport. I have had coffee. That’s the best I can say other than I’m showered.

Breakfast and drinks in the Board Room before schlepping out to the North Terminal for our flight to Honolulu. No upgrades. No surprise. It’s Hawaii.

Near the end of the flight my comment to Jill was “now why did we choose Hawaii — oh right, $260 round-trip.”

The flight was 5 hours and I did appreciate the complimentary Mai Tai right before we landed. I appreciated the couple of three scotches in the Continental President’s Club while hanging with Jill waiting for her flight to the Big Island.

While we were in the President’s Club got a Twitter post from Alaska giving away two tickets to Hawaii — of course I entered, and got Jill  enter as well.

The city bus ($2.25) to Waikiki takes an hour and drops me a block from the Hawaii Prince Hotel. For $80 (plus tax) a night on Priceline.com you get:

  • Both bath and shower
  • Robes and slippers
  • View of the Gilligan’s Island (where they left from) marina
  • Windows on the 27th floor that open

What you don’t get:

  • An ice machine on your floor (luckily there are robes)
  • Free Internet ($12 a day)
  • Free local calls (75 cents each)

And here is the “standard room tour” video:


While having a little scotch from the ABC store across the street (but three crosswalks away) saw this great show after the news call Hot Hawaiian Nights which opened with this live Ska Ukulele lead using a capo to change key — truly cool. Makes me want to get an electric ukulele for a new friend.

After a late lunch of sushi ($10 for 16 pieces and a can of pop at Aloha Sushi) — I know the neighborhood since I stayed across the street at the Agua Equis a couple of years ago — it was time for a little night in the heat of the afternoon.

Dinner tonight was going to be the Chart House around the corner, until I read the recent reviews on Trip Advisor… great view, overpriced food for what is was, mediocre service. Guess that’s what happens when you rest on your reputation… not a good thing to do in this economy. Went to Outback instead — not a first choice but close and consistant (and not Red Lobster which was right next door).

Back to the room for the blog and maybe some work, or not.

There is always tomorrow, maybe by the pool.

Or not.


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