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Jul '09

Another Day In Paradise.

Just an aside, here are great links to a couple of WienerMobile incidents over the last week:

Weiner Mobile In Trouble In Honolulu


Weiner Mobile Slams Into House

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

The list for today:

  • Pool Time
  • Work Time
  • Ukulele Search Time

And the result was…..

Pool time — got about an hour and a half of morning tanning in after having a lite breakfast of Korean dumplings at the food court of Ala Moana mall which is up the street before hitting the sale rack at Sears where I got my digital camera for a steal a couple of years ago, then to Hilo Hatties which I thought had closed since they went into bankruptcy, but apparently not — and scored a killer salt and pepper silk long sleeve shirt (looks like my sports coat) marked down from $54.99 to $9.99.

When I was in the lobby this morning I picked up the brochure for the hotel I’m staying in…. this room on this floor. $475 a night. Ouch. I like the $80 a night off of priceline.com. Suddenly I feel better about paying for Internet service.

Next up? The hotel shuttle down to Waikiki beach where it turns out that I stumbled into the 25th Annual Longboard Classic. Surfer boys everywhere.

I’m afraid I made myself sick with too much eye candy. Check out the scrollbar to see some of the thousands…


Next stop was Puapua — an ukulele shop in the Pacific Beach Hotel. Damn, that was the WRONG place to go into. Stunningly beautiful instruments, including a couple of dozen that weren’t for sale, just on display like a museum. After listening to the electric ukulele last night I knew it was going to be bad — remember the rad aluminum skate board I bought in Big Bear, California?

P1080170 - Share on Ovi

And I bought a soft side case to get it home safely.

An early dinner poolside while working on round two of the daily tanning session. Tonight is cocktails at 8 with Johnnie — and all college friend and ex-Microsoftie. Should be interesting conversation if it’s anything like our half an hour phone conversation this afternoon.

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2 Responses to “Another Day In Paradise.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Where do I begin??? NO Hilo Hattie coffee mugs please – they speak voices to me!! Next, were there enough towels in the room for all the accidents – Ahem! You have a new toy…and boy is not in front of it = amazing! And fireworks too! WOWZERS, what a day…in paradise.

  2. Melba Toast Says:

    A ukelele! How wonderful! It suits you!

    Melba Toast N.A.C.