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Jul '09

McGuyver Hawaii Moment.

The hotel I’m staying in has those old style nightstands with the radio built in… and I wanted to listen to NPR for the news. Static, static, static. I pulled it away from the wall to find that it didn’t have an antenna installed. No, I don’t travel with spare antennas – cords of every type, adapters, but no FM antennas. Take a look at what I made from a twist tie and one of their hangers – though I had to remove the rubber grips from the clip to make it work:

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And a little more about last night and my get together with Johnnie, who I used to go to school with years ago. We hadn’t seen each other in 10-12 years – long enough that he had four children at this point and is thinking of adopting two more. Wow. The meeting wasn’t as odd as our last meeting where he tried to convince me that I should be having children because I had such good genes, but close.

He is still an odd duck – way intelligent but with an interesting interpretation of his divorce and dating afterwards. Oh well, he seems to be happy now, and isn’t that really what matters.

But now back to me.

Spent a little time down by the pool, but the wind was kicking up and I was pinking up so I packed up and walked down to Waikiki Beach. I should have waited for the shuttle. Feet are killing me and I was sweating like a pig by the time I found a place for lunch.

Lunch at the Tiki Hut overlooking the beach. A seared ahi tuna salad with a 20oz. mango mojito in a commemorative glass. That takes care of one gift!

Back at the hotel, I lounged around the room finishing a Dean Koonz book that I’ll pass onto Hummingbird when he and BamBam stop on their way to Breitenbush this summer. Also logged on to find out that Jill and I are being upgraded to First Class for our trip home tomorrow – even went downstairs to the lobby where there was a computer with printer ($1.00 for 5 minutes, .35 cents per print page).

Dinner was a couple of appetizers from the bar downstairs – Ahi Poke Ocean Salad (wonderful large chunks of sashimi grade ahi with seaweed and soy) and their Hawaiian pork nachos which were these tortilla cups filled with pork and topped with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Add a glass of Shiraz and you have a damn fine dinner.

The rest of the evening was just laying about and occasionally looking down on some corporate meeting down near the pool – totally held in Japanese, I’m guessing that it was a corporate reward for good performance – I did see a sign for a Sony reception so I assume that was it.

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