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Jul '09

Back In The Air Again.


With the flight at 1pm, I have plenty of time to get to the airport this morning – but a 7am computer tech help call got me out of bed a little earlier than planned. So with that, it was what the hell, I’ll just go out to the airport in a leisurely trip on the bus.Between a smooth check out and a city bus waiting for me when I crossed the street I was in the Continental President’s Room by 9am having a bagel and cream cheese breakfast followed by a Bloody Mary. Damn, life is hard.

Jill is showed up at 10:30 from her flight from the Big Island. At 10:30 I get a forwarded message from here… our flight home is over 2 hours late, and that she is making her way across the terminal.

Looks like it’s going to be a LONG day since by the time she got settled into the lounge there was another text…. 270 minute delay on our flight — but at least she pointed out that there was free wi-fi here in the lounge.

New times? Our 12:55 flight will now leave at 5:05pm, putting us in a little before 2am.Ick. More amusing is our horrorscope for today (yes, we are both Libran):

Rushing around isn’t cool. You show your maturity by allowing yourself plenty of time to do what you need to do. There will be a special moment with someone you love. Savor it and allow it to stretch out for as long as it can.

Like 4 hours?

I love the Alaska Airline Flight Status page when it says about our flight: Not operating as scheduled. Duh. Apparently is was an hour or so into the flight and had to turn around and head back to Seattle. Possibilities are heart attack, mechanical, or unruly passenger. I’m guessing option A or C since they were only on the ground for 35 minutes.

Wish me luck for getting out of here. And for your amusement, here it the scrolling bar of 165 pictures from the trip.

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