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Jul '09

To Bed At 3AM.

Up At 8AM.

93 Degrees At 8PM.

We got in about 2am and I was asleep by 3am. Not much of a night of sleep. And the heat wave is supposed to be picking up even more today.

Still getting used to the Marketing Meeting now on Tuesdays, but I at least got my list revised in time for today’s meeting.

Off for errands of groceries, gas and the bank before heading back to lovely sun-baked South Park.

The house was already at 90 by early afternoon so I retreated to the RV and cranked up the air conditioning. Of course to get any work done I had to pull an Ethernet cable out from the living room since the wireless signal isn’t quite strong enough.

It would have been a little more comfortable had the RV not been loaded for the upcoming camping trip to Lake Cushman, but there is still room to work.

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Yes, that is a Propane BBQ loaded up next to the bed. That should make it VERY interesting getting out of bed in the middle of the night to pee.

With dinner planned for over at Swanda’s (also air-conditioned) that means I don’t have to cook in the sweltering house.

And speaking of dinner, it was lamb steaks with salad. Yum.

Guess where I’m sleeping tonight.



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Up At 8AM.

93 Degrees At 8PM.

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