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Jul '09

Ten Degrees Cooler… 96.

I think this picture says it all about how I’m feeling about this weather.


It’s also a good shot of my new facial hair… facial hair that lots of the men in my life think looks hot (in the good way, not the overheated way).

SOB update: returned yet another drop down screen for over the sink. Again, DOA. I think I’m just going to say no to trying again, though it could be “third times a charm”.

Getting all packed up for the trip to Lake Cushman tomorrow. Sort of nice to just be able to throw things in during the week and just take off tomorrow after sending out month end invoices.

Was hoping for a date for dinner tonight, but no go. Guess that puts us off until late next week. Argh. So I’ll have a quiet romantic dinner with myself in the air-conditioned comfort of SOB (Son of Bob). Hopefully I get lucky.


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One Response to “Ten Degrees Cooler… 96.”

  1. Curt Says:

    Lake Cushman…..here we come!

    Glad you had S.O.B. with air conditioning the past couple days. I had left-over cold beers from a tasting last weekend, and judicious closing of the windows in my cave-like apartment; combined with night-time open windows and many fans a’ blowin’. But that ain’ air conditioning!