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Jul '09

Partly Cloudy. Yahoo!

I actually had to turn the air conditioner off in the middle of the night. I was too cold. Yahoo!

Headed to the woods later this morning, but thought I’d share this little bit of news of my friend Steve who is serving time for DUI in Montana — yes, someone (his best friend) was killed in accident.

For the second season Steve is an Inmate Firefighter. Here it the link to an article about him and the crew that he works on:



Here is a quote from the paper:

“It seemed like a good opportunity to get out and give back to the community,” said Steve Atchinson, one of the second-year inmate firefighters. “I’m getting out of prison in a few years, and your habits you make here, you’re going to carry out there. I wanted to get in a more structured work environment.”

Atchinson lost his freedom in a 2002 drunken-driving incident that left his best friend dead.

“This has been a big transition to prison, and carrying the weight and responsibility for somebody’s death,” he said. “I’m just trying to get back on the right path.”

So, that’s my happy news for the day. Guess I’d better get in SOB and get down the road.



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