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Aug '09

Headed Home.

For today’s picture we have SOB parked on the lawn at the lake cabin….

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It looks so peaceful sitting there… really peaceful with a dead battery. Left the key on the accessory setting and sucked it down. Damn. Luckily easy to jump.

Left the lake a about 2:30 with Rich in the lead with his leaking front tire, me in the middle with my iffy battery, and Ross bringing up the rear to pick up all the pieces.

The drive out was stunning. There must have been 40 guys on the diving rock with another 40 milling around — including one in a THONG! All those board shorts and one thong. To bad I couldn’t stop with my bad battery.

About a half an hour out of Olympia the battery totally lost it and started backfiring — poor Curt was tasked with holding his thumb on the battery bridge switch which links the house batteries and the starting battery. This got us to Olympia, but without the ability to stop and help out Rich who had to stop and pump up his leaking tire. Maybe we should have just taken the mommy van!

A trip to Schucks and I was back on the road with a new battery but a nagging feeling that for some reason the alternator isn’t charging like it should. Did it loosen itself on the bumpy gravel roads up at Lake Cushman? Time to call Stuart.

Dinner tonight was just left over meat from the weekend and the evening entertainment was working on the Great Art Party website getting PayPal options up for buying tickets.

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  1. Curt Says:

    A good weekend for sure.
    Different topic … so now I see a smallish image in the IE tab that says “UMTravels >> Blog Archive” yet I don’t see the same image in my IE “Favorites” folder; I still see the Microsoft “E”.