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Aug '09

In Full Tourist Mode.

Luckily Pam is a low maintenance guest… finding ways to amuse her self while I take this week’s marketing meeting call from home.

After wrapping up the call we pack up the car and head out to be tourists. First stop is the Museum of Glass which I’d never been to before, but Pam likes glass and so do I. I haven’t enjoyed a museum as much in a long time. We spent a bunch of time in the hot shop watching a guest artist (Eric something, from Seattle) and his team:

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The main exhibit was of the work of Preston Singletary who is a Tlingit from Sitka who does in glass what most Tlingit do in wood or bone. Truly amazing and worth the $12 admission. Can’t believe I’ve never gotten down to Tacoma to see the museum.

After the museum was the traditional tourist ride aboard the Washington State Ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. Here is Pam on the bow with the City of Seattle coming into view:

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Landing downtown, next we are off to the Camlin to stay in a one-bedroom timeshare across the street from the Paramount. Dinner tonight is at the Brooklyn in my favorite seats — 58 and 59.

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After all that fun it was time to crash.


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