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Aug '09

End Of A Hectic Week.

A VERY early morning for me…

  • up at 7am
  • out the door at 8am
  • oil change on the Jag at 9am
  • meet with advertising folks at 11am
  • home by 12:30 for a nap

The afternoon was more work for E&A and later on SOB when Whitaker showed up to run the poo pump wiring and fix a couple of other small things. Stuart will be over Tuesday or Wednesday to check out the alternator – judging from what happened to the wiring box in the back on the bouncy roads of Lake Cushman, I’m figuring the alternator jiggled a little loose. And just in case he doesn’t come I’ve charged the old battery and that should get me to and from Tinkham next week.

The evening is drinks and dinner with Swanda and finish up some wiring on this computer.

And early to bed as well.


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