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Aug '09

SOB Sunday.

And More.

Today’s list:

  • Store
    • Flour (?)
    • Pop (?)
    • Eggs (?)
  • RV
    • Drain the holding tank (?)
    • Fill the water tank (?)
    • Try the generator to make sure it works (?)
  • E&A
    • Go though alerts (?)
  • Vacation
    • Call RCI and try and book condo for Ireland or Scotland over birthday (no luck, guess I’ll fly to Plymouth, England where they make the Gin and hang out with Mark Ovendon)

All done and off to Sushi at Swanda’s.

That was the plan for the day, but then add stopping by at Western Bridge to watch Wonderful hang the Poncho Art Auction ($625,000 worth of art going up for auction) which has a piece of art that I donated in it (though originally for the Great Art Party) and then to his house to take a network card for the printer (and a cable if that didn’t work) so I can print more Big Joy business cards for that art project, and I’m still home by 8… installing the printer card and working on getting everything I need printed before it stops working again.

Thinking it’s going to be a long night.


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And More.

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