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Aug '09

Not The Date I Was Expecting.

But Not Bad Either.

Trying to get lots of loose ends tied up so I can get out of town tomorrow. It will be close as Stuart has had to delay by a day checking out the alternator — good thing I have AAA Plus RV coverage — they can just drag it back down off the mountain!

Tonight is a date with the weinerman (the cute tattooed guy I’ve been seeing). The plan was for a picnic in or out at his house. But plans change — turned into nibbles while watching Glen or Glenda from the boxed set I recently got. And that was about all — he was up late last night with band practice, then worked all day… he barely made it through the movie. Guess we should have hopped in the car and gone to the beach for a real picnic before the rain set in.

Home by 9 — now THAT is depressing. Maybe I should put away the picture of my former weinerman Richard that is sitting on the end table. Actually he isn’t a former weinerman, he’s just plane dead.

Silver lining: More time to organize and pack. Not much of a silver lining but what can you do. And it was good to hang out with him.


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But Not Bad Either.

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