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Aug '09

Rainy Tinkham.

Well, last night the rains started around dinner time… which meant nine people in SOB having chicken Marsala, ensalada caprese, chicken Caesar salad and saffron rice. Life here in the woods is tough.

Here is a shot of SOB before the rains started:


Gee, I look comfortable don’t I. And speaking of comfort… take a look at the liquor cabinet:


And lots of adventures… we had a little damage to the banquette, but it’s fixable. And many thanks to Swanda for making a run into town for fix-it supplies and cables necessary to get my laptop connected to the Internet so I can blog in the woods.

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2 Responses to “Rainy Tinkham.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie, blogging in the woods is either illegal or immoral……..I’m not sure which……or both.
    Kate and I are at the Iowa State Fair today. It’s been mighty hot, and sorta fun. Never seen so very many really homely people in one area before.

  2. markso Says:

    Hopefully you got to see the “Butter Queens” sculpture of a cow entirely made of butter — it’s a highlight of the fair — and if you’d like to get the book on the history of the “Butter Queen” it was printed by Sigler Printing in Ames, Iowa who are clients/vendors of mine.