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Aug '09

Less Rainy Tinkham.

Well, the rain is starting to slacken.

This morning we are greeted by Jonathan, who I described as my “Craigslist Morman Rent Boy On A Love Mission” — which, of course, is completely false, but it did make all assembled laugh.

Just a lazy day in the wood, dodging the rain and the smoke from the fire. The picture below is of a little piece of practical joke artwork that MoonSong made for the campsite:

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The joke? There are NO utilities at the camp, not even for the camp host. One previous host saw it and said — “Damn, even I don’t have utilities”, to which MoonSong picked up the stub of wood with the pieces attached and handed it to him with “Here, you can borrow mine.”

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch was a massive whole salmon stuffed with shrimp and bell peppers, and dinner — well — dinner was Spam-O-Rama! We had everything from Masubi (Spam Sushi):

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To Panko breaded Spam cutlets which were stunningly good and went fast:

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I got the heat working in SOB so at least I won’t be cold tonight.

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  1. Curt Says:

    Sounds very fun….