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Aug '09

Feeling Out Of Sorts.

Not sure what is going on but I’m just feeling a little “out of sorts” — and not in the typographical sense  (see Out of Sorts definition with regard to typography). Or maybe it is. It has the side affect of zapping my will to bill.

SOB is now a clean SOB with MoonSong putting in a couple of hours of interior and exterior cleaning to get the remnants of two camping trips off/out of it. Now if Stuart would get his ass over here and check out the alternator — he call and postponed to Monday.


Now on the upside, I got the bill for my monthly Medical Insurance Plan… shocking. I must be one of only a few people whose premiums went DOWN this year. Mind you I’m on a fairly high deductible plan… but it went from $293.53 to $270.86 — an 8% drop.

Dinner and a little work at Swanda’s place with Helene (yet another Events and Adventures contractor) and Fluffernutter. It was like a meeting of the Swanda Full Employment Plan (SFEP). I prepared (from his chef, not me) what I thought was a HUGE quantity of food for four people:

  • Rack and a half of ribs
  • Two half chickens
  • Salad
  • Fresh Bread (yes, I did bake that)
  • Three bottles of wine

And damned if we didn’t go through it all.

Left with a check from Swanda to cover the wine I’m having shipped in for him, and for my two airline carts that he bought for Fluffernutter as an early Christmas gift. Guess this means it’s time for me to finish rebuilding the phone booth that Fluffernutter also covets.



2 Responses to “Feeling Out Of Sorts.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie………why would anyone, much less “Fluttermotter” covet a “Phonebooth”? What’s the story here?

  2. Swanda Says:

    Hey, hey, there was a chicken breast left! LOL Helene took it home with her. And why yes, I did know the way to San Jose!