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Aug '09

Long And Winding Day.

Lazy morning.

Thought about working on the phone booth. Thought about installing switches for the inverter in SOB. Thought about a lot of things. Managed to get the dishwasher unloaded.

BBHa showed up at 2pm to pick up some newsletters I’d printed for him for the Big Joy project — yet another “pedestal raising”. Pedestal raising? That’s when you some dead gay man and make a movie about him. Oh, was that my out loud cynical voice?

I did get gasoline put in the chipper and got it started to see if it was wildly off balance… it is. Guess that means the chipper really is dead. Now what to do with an 8HP Tecumsah engine — maybe a Go Kart?

Stingray Complete Go-Kart Chassis Kit — Model# Stingray Go-Kart Kit | Buy now for just $399.99!

Neighborhood BBQ started at 3pm. By 9pm when the music started, I’d hit the wall and had to come home. Even I reach my limit of food and booze. Headed home to the quiet.

A little midnight nighty night conversation with the Bangeleshi Hottie and it was off to bed for me.


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