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Aug '09

Work Day.

So today was a work day… and I totally forgot about Stuart coming by to check on the alternator — by the way, it’s fine. One more thing off the SOB list.

When the mail came — there was the monthly bill from the mortgage company — and offering me “preliminary criteria for special mortgage refinancing” — how romantic.

5.25% on a 30, 4.625 on a 15.

Interesting — but what is the house worth? In this market? With a ton of places on the market in South Park?

  • Zillow = $226,500
  • Chase = $188,000 (who sent me the offer)
  • Eppraisal.com = $231,342
  • AOL = $196,950

And the average? $210, 698 — woohoo — $698 more than I paid two years ago, so I’m above water. Of course none of those guestimates include the fact that there is the 500 sq foot steel garage at the back of the property.

Pulled the numbers, its better to just pay an extra $500 each month to pay down my 6.5% mortgage.

And my favorite oddity from the news today — the women murdered by the reality show guy was identified by the serial numbers on her breast implants because the murderer (who has since committed suicide in Canada) hacked off her fingers and removed her teeth to slow down identification.

Dinner at home. Quiet — tomorrow dinner with an ex, then off to the Bay Area on Wednesday (and I’ve been upgraded to First Class).

No pictures today.


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