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Aug '09

Down In The South Bay.

Because of last night, I got a slow start this morning… though not as slow as Mr. Lunetta who was just getting out of bed as I was leaving the house around 12:30 to grab food and head to lovely Fremont.

What takes me to Fremont? Not the Nuumi, the joint GM/Toyota auto plant that GM pulled out of a couple of months ago as part of bankruptcy and Toyota just announced that next month they are leaving as well.

Nope. Got a date tonight that has enough potential to fly and drive.

Picked him up at work at 4:30, headed back to the hotel for drinks and play before dinner.

Dinner was at Saki’s Spin-A-Yarn Restaurant (Fremont’s Hidden Treasure Since 1951). We both ended up ordering pasta dishes — the Alfredo for him and the Seafood Fetticine for me. This place was recommended by the desk clerk at the hotel when I checked in — and came with a 20% off coupon.

After dinner the most amazing thing happened. He picked up the check. At least he let me leave the tip. I’m not sure that has happened  before.

Back to the room after dinner for some more fooling around and a little television before the large meal sent us to sleep.

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