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Aug '09

Dog Tired In The North Bay.

A good morning shagging and it was out of bed at 7 to get the Bangladeshi Hottie to work by 8am. Hopefully he’s OK with how quite I am in the mornings as compared to the evenings — I am a little better after a couple of cups of coffee and the morning news. Wish me luck getting him to come to dinner on Saturday.

After dropping him at work it was back to bed after finishing the USA Today — which doesn’t take that much time as it’s not much of a newspaper, nor was the “breakfast lite” they served downstairs. Toast and orange juice makes a good breakfast for my mother if the toast is made from a rustic loaf, but this was “bag-o-bread”. That said, the gentleman and the front desk was good for the recommendation (and the coupon) for last night’s dinner and with a call later in the day saying I’d left my toiletries and pills in the room. Opps. Guess I’m going back to the hotel again….

But after going to get a bagel at “The Better Bagel” just up the road (stunning good by the way!), the office in Santa Clara, and then Costco for something that they don’t carry down here, and then to M. Lowe and Companyto see Margo (and get my ring buffed and my ruby robo-washed), and then onto the boys place to keep working for a few more hours.

Dinner tonight is what we do in this house when we are all exhausted from long days and long nights. Order food to be picked up and brought in. Actually it’s the same Ethiopian Restaurant (Addis) that I mentioned on my last visit that I’ve already forgotten the name of, but you should try because it’s so good. There is one of the dishes that you can get raw — and we did, with the spices on the side so I wouldn’t have “ring of fire” in the morning. And we aren’t talking the Johnny Cash song.

So, it’s a quiet night around the house. Me blogging, Lunetta debugging, Onyx with his feet up in the poppa son chair reading. All downstairs in the daylight basement because they are having a heat wave in Berkeley — maybe that’s why I’m dog tired.

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