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Aug '09

Round Two With The Bangaladishi Hottie.

Worked a little, booked a little travel, tried to find someone to join Jill and I in Mexico. Succeeded in the first two, have invitations out in the third, though it’s not looking good.

Travel stuff:

  • Got my upgrade to First on the return flight Monday morning
  • Swapped out on night in a two bedroom penthouse with it’s own hot-tub in Mexico for two nights in a three bedroom penthouse with it’s own hot-tub (means two nights in Mexico we will have five bedrooms for the two of us — hence the need for company)
  • Responded to Dan’s request needing some Markie time by booking four nights in Orlando (an hour away from him and Lisa) for early November. Got airfare for $287 — and it will be the miles I need to complete my MVP Gold. I have invitations out for that as well to fill one more bed (maybe two if someones willing to take the couch)

After all that it was off to the Berkeley Bowl — a grocery store with enough eye candy to give me a sugar buzz. Tonight’s dinner is a half a salmon, fresh greens, and a tiny baguette of bread (as the boys don’t do much in the way of carbs).

My Bangaladishi Hottie (BH) took BART up from Fremont to join us for dinner. He impressed the boys with his very grounded spirit, intelligence, and beauty. The boys impressed me for their ability to draw him more out of his shell. A lively dinner conversation was had by all — and it must happen again — though when is a BIG question with what else is already on my plate for September. Maybe I’ll book October.

BH and I retired downstairs to bed — he has to be up early in the morning as he’s moving from Fremont to Hayward — and closer to a BART station.

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  1. Kate Gowins Says:

    Where in Mexico? And the dates?