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Aug '09

Chillin’ In Berkeley.

Another morning of waking up BH (Bangaladishi Hottie) and getting him out the door and onto BART so he can change living situations. He is going from a room in a house where he doesn’t feel open talking about his sexuality to living in the guest house of a gay couple that’s been together for 15 years. Good move BH!

After getting him moving I went back to bed. 24 wears out 52 pretty easily.

The afternoon I actually got some reading done (as well as a little work). Finished this month’s Wired to leave behind for the boys and started on one of the two New Yorker’s Swanda passed along. A nice quiet Sunday in the sun.

Dinner, or maybe I should say nosh was over at Ms. Otis’s placeĀ (who did not send her regrets). Cold cucumber soup, fresh tomatoes, basil and onions from the garden, good bread, lovely Italian deliĀ  meats and cheeses… and a little red wine made for lovely conversation with her and her visiting friends.

Back at the ranch later — the boys were doing a Puttenesca, which I also had to try. Nothing like two dinners to make you go to bed early.

Off to the airport and home tomorrow.

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