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Sep '09

It Ain’t Cabo.

Honey, I don’t think we are in Cabo — way too many fields of grapes.

Started the morning with Owner ReEducation for $75. One of the worst I’ve ever been to. Why? The laid off 6,000 salespeople and only kept the sharks — really aggressive sales people. Bad Rockie (my sales guy), Bad.

By the time we got rolling out of the unit it was around 1pm and I was starting to get food cranky — luckily Jill made me find food before wine.

We started our wine tour at LynMar Estate which features some really expensive Chardonnays — $70 a bottle, and some equally expensive Pinot Noirs (we are in the Russian River Valley after all). Jill has a connection to this winery through her parents — which meant the $20 per person tasting fee was waived. We ended up getting a couple of bottles of their Rose of Pinot Noir — reasonable (compared to the rest) at $20 a bottle.

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Next up (recommended by LynMar — a great system since you figure they know the best close by wineries) was Merry Edwards Winery. They mostly do Pinot Noir as well — but did also have a Sauvingnon  Blanc. Two splits and $44 later we were out the door.

Bubbles anyone? Iron Horse Vineyard had a $10 champagne tasting with six samples. We ended up with the 2004 Reserve for $33 and an Estate Pinot Noir for $45. Beautiful view from their place.

Good thing we saved a bunch of money on the difference in air fare between San Francisco and Cabo — though it does screw up my plans for Alaska MVP Gold. Guess I’ll have to fly back to the Bay Area one more time unless Alaska matches American and United who are back to offering double elite qualifying miles for flights this fall.

Got back to the hot-tub-less penthouse at 5, and the boys (Mark and Onyx) arrived around 6 with poo-poo platter materials in hand — the poo-poo’s went nicely with the sparkling wine.

After the bubbles, it was Merry Edwards Sauvingnon Blanc and then onto the Estate Pinot when we got to the ribs and grilled vegetables.

A long fun night was had by all.

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