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Sep '09

Day Two In Wine Country.

First, the most humorous picture from our time here at the Windsor WorldMark:

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Yes, that is four people and three laptops.

We got out of the condo right at noon and headed off to visit Garry Ferrell Winery which Jill’s mother used to have a subscription to their wine program — great wine, pushy pouring person (join the club, join the club, join the club).

Then it was time for averted disaster number one. Two missing credit cards. Last seen on the couch at the condo. Back to WorldMark we go.

Next stop is at the Dry Creek General Store which is a great place for lunch — I realized I’d been there with Drew MANY years ago on another wine tour. Jill and I split a reuben, a dalmati, and a little corn salad.

We arrived at our next stop just in time for averted disaster number two. Jill left her purse on the porch of the General Store. Back we go.

Ridge was our last winery (or so we thought) of the day. Damn their stuff is good. We had a GREAT pourer person who was a former Seattleite… and poured things that weren’t on the regular tasting menu, like the Monte Bello (their uber expensive wine) and a bottle of 1983 that they had just discovered and opened so see how it was holding up. Yum, Yum, Yum.

Tonight is the WorldMark Clear Lake — and Clear Lake is just as I’d remembered it… the white-trash vacation capital of California. The units are nice enough but the folks at the grocery store looked a little in-bred.

And, of course, we arrive right in the middle of a wine tasting from Tulip Hill which is just down the road.

Steaks and onions off the grill, salad, and an after dinner movie: Milk, which neither of us had seen.

Earlier to bed tonight.

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  1. Swanda Says:

    So how was Milk? Finally got to the new liquor store and they are carrying Pear Smirnoff…not such a fan, ok with tonic.