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Sep '09

Back To The City.

Out of the condo a little before 11am…traffic fine until right before the Golden Gate Bridge where we stopped to have a little snack before heading into San Francisco.

Jill is off to the Hilton, I’m off to Hayward to meet up with the BH (Bangladeshi Hottie).

All is well getting Jill to the Hilton until I’m six blocks away and notice her phone sitting on the front seat. Luckily I was headed in the wrong direction and that gave me a chance to start over.

According to Jill later, the front desk call to say “her taxi driver dropped off the phone you left in his cab”…. I’d like to think I’m more than a taxi driver at this point in my life — though I was one in my college days.

Here is the picture bar for the wine country portion of the trip before I put all the equipment away:

I got to BH’s place about 3:30 and fell almost instantly into bed. Being apart for a week makes one amorous.

Dinner was Bangladeshi food — a curry chicken dish, a picante cauliflower, jasmine rice and a little salad — there was enough for four people, but it was just the two of us.

After dinner it was a movie whose name I forget, but it was basically two domestic partners hoping to adopt a baby get two pre-teens instead — and their mother. Amusing but not high drama.

Back to bed after that as I’ve got a flight in the morning.

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